Hi all,

I have been chatting with a contact at a phone tool company who asked me a few questions about APN's and as i was typing i did think it would be some handy info for everyone.

His question was regarding batteries mainly but Apple do this with many parts - he wanted to know why Apple use different APN numbers for the same parts and if they are cross compatible. 

Apple have APNs (Apple Part Numbers) and VPNs (Vendor Part Numbers) 

The difference in the APN is usually due to major Vendor change for example Samsung, Sony or LG who all mark components (along with several other firms)

VPN (Vendor part number) that is also on many batteries (no usually on other parts) is for minor vendor change for example a different Sony Factory in a different city or country but still the same vendor (Sony)


iPhone 3GS for example 616-0435 was Sony version and 616-0433 was Samsung version (may have been the other way around, it was a while ago now [smile] ) – both 100% compatible with all 3GS models


The problem with people saying some APN are not working on certain models is because for about 6 months the market was flooded with convincing looking fakes under the number 616-0433 – these didn’t work at all and many people took to forums online stating that it was a part number problem but this didn’t exist – it got so bad we gave up telling people about this when they would ask for one part number over another and sold them separately under different part numbers. 

Luckily this hasn't happened again since the 3GS so its not been too much of a topic. 

We sell loads of variations of the batteries for all iPhones, each model has about 4-5 APNs, and never have a problem with compatibility.


Steve Garner | Replacebase Founder 

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