Hi all,

I seem to be the only person who isn't too impressed with the X that i know, i wanted to see what anyone thinks.

Iv come from a 7 Plus and had my X for about 2 weeks - initially i liked it, good screen in a small body (the size was the only thing i disliked about he 7 Plus) but im starting to get really frustrated with my X, the things that really get on my nerves throughout the day are:

The keyboard - its pretty much the same size as the keyboard on the 6s and coming form a Plus phone its really noticeable - due to the curves on the screen you get a really annoying CM or so of space at the bottom of the keyboard that annoyed the hell out of me! 

Landscape - useless. i use Chrome on my iPhone, in landscape its terrible, you get a good CM of blank space at the top of the screen and when the keyboard comes into play between the keyboard and top blank bar you can literally only see about 5mm of the website between the 2! and that notch that i dont really notice during normal use is really evident and annoying in landscape. 

Face ID - Terrible. Sure, it unlocks with my face but its not nearly as quick as the Touch ID on even the iPhone 6. You cant just whip your phone out of your pocket for a quick look, you need the phone in front of you and the worst part is that once its unlocked you still need to swipe up to get into the OS making another step to get into my phone.

Battery - despite having a bigger battery then the 7 Plus the battery is terrible, im dead by the end of a long day, iv only really used my phone for emails, internet and calls - my 7 Plus would have at least 50% left at this strange

Screen - side by side with my 7 Plus the screen has nicer colors on the 7 Plus, the 2 modes on the X are either very yellow or very blue

Apps - i know this will get better over time by loads of apps dont support the X yet, this crops the app down to the size of the standard iPhone size, hard coming form a Plus iPhone - Even big apps like Spotify haven't updated! 

Im not going to go into the problem with the phone as a phone (ghost calls, high call fail rates with reboots required) as this maybe isolated to just my phone or buggy software. 

The X is great for some things but the novelty of the screen is wearing off and im seriously tempted to jump back to my 7! 


Steve Garner | Replacebase Founder 

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Have you used the facial recognition on the Samsung Galaxy S8 ? it's instant, very fast I havent tried the Iphones version to compare. The batterie(s) in the X are really low mAh if i recall. Not surprising it runs out quick. Literally half that of some Androids. I use a Sony Xperia XZ premium, because it was cheap. The 4K screen is fanatastic, but some apps/websites are as you have mentioned incapable of displaying correctly. My wife has the samsung S8, I prefer her phone to mine, camera, screen colours etc are much better which makes no sense as the Sony is higher res, pixels etc. Samsung are in the lead imo ! 
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