So 10 has been out for a term now, and looks like Google will be announcing android 11 soon.. What do people think will change. What will they do to one up system wide dark mode.

Will the share function be fixed so it is actually user friendly and not a random mess. 
I'll hoping for customisation for gestures what about you?

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What do people think will change? - Answer

Will purchase new devices - because some old devices do not support the new operating system ...
Many ignore it - because the habit makes its own ...
Remember - new operating system a new level of security , updates and new systems change security ...
And if there are no updates for your device , then I think that elementary purchase from your device
either will not happen or will be insecure ...
these are the basics to know why a new operating system is being developed ...
What device to buy is another question - market research some devices are regularly updated , the manufacturer
takes care of what happens to their devices , and the second how long the device keeps updates (1,2,3,4, years)...
And it definitely won't be samsung ...
Tom -
Will the sharing feature be fixed so it is actually user friendly and not random confusion.
I look forward to customizing gestures, what about you?
No answer - sorry !
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