General question, does anyone use this site and what is your experience of same?


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I do not recommend, I can say one thing, this nation can do anything
They can build any production line , but quality is only for a few ...
If an emergency situation is required - use aliexp....
See feedback before transaction ...
Ali ba ... - meant an array of quantities in large quantities purchase ...
if you have an agent who can check the quality, no problem ...
Trust this site, it 's better than eb.. ali.. and...
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Come across this site as well anyone know anything about them? I cant believe theyre genuine Apple... is it too good?
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I do not believe it , trust the rb site , you can also get the originals here ...
It is suspicious that the original logo was used , this can be done if you are
an official representative ... so I also use the word - ipo 7p ...
If you are not an agent, this logo may not be used in public ...
In terms of quality, then for example fx5 lcd are available in America and RB ...
The best quality copies ... If you think someone will sell you from the factory
then only stolen ... If you didn't understand me, the example is a car ...
Where do you buy parts ? (cheaper). Where can you get the original parts ? (dealers)
Or someone from the factory has stolen the chassis ..?
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yes I'm thinking same thing too... thanks
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Iterating what Andree advises,


Ali can be alright if you know the supplies and are looking for a few 100 units. But most of the reviews don't seem to be legit. You'll also have the weeks of shipping. Not that I'm biased at all. But always best to find a UK/EU supplier. You'll also be protected by consumer law where as very little chance of anyone on ali helping out if its the wrong part or there's an issue. 

To answer you other question though I always say if some one sells "genuine"apple parts there something going on. We use OEM as its the same parts but we haven't bought them from apple. Apple do not sell spares to anyone but there authorised repair shops. Someone claiming apple has sold them parts has either stolen the parts at some point or is lying on the type of parts they have.

The one exception is used/reclaimed/refurbished parts, these can be genuine but will also have that condition of factory new/used/refurbished rather than new. As they have been taken from a device rather than strait from factory before assembly.

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