I think it's good to know a few things when looking at a product without packaging , so come on ...
Let's start with cables , cable structure texture , distinguish what it is ( oem oled or lcd ) ...
lcd flex.jpg 
Distinguish by chip ...

chip.jpg  Distinguish by touch cable texture ...
chip 1.jpg  Distinguish by 3D touch ...
3d.jpg  Gold.jpg  brand 1.jpg  brand.jpg 

Some elementary facts ...
Flicker screen and lines on the screen -
The flex cable laminating process is not meet the production standard

which leaves pseudo soldering points on the PCB. It causes unstable voltage inside the phone. The phone ends up
with a flickering screen. And meanwhile, the highly power-consuming IC solution the CMR screens applied would also
cause unstable voltage.

Proximity Sensor and Ambient Sensor Don’t Work -
Proximity Sensor: A purple film coated with light-filter materials is attached on the proximity sensor hole of the
original screen replacements. For the CMRs, there was no such a film resulting in the proximity sensor can’t work.
Light Sensor(ALS):
Due to the thicker stack-up, the small parts inside the phone may get moved over and not be installed in the correct
direction. The light receiver fails to receive the light, so the auto-brightness function fails to work.

Inconsistent Backlight -
backlight.jpg  The upstream supply chains of CMR screens are not as stable . The quality of compatible light guide plate in the backlight
unit is the main culprit causing the inconsistent backlight issue.

LCD screens touch and display integration technologies -

texnol.jpg  texnol1.jpg 
Touch and display integration technologies and production materials comparison of CMR, OEM and HO3.CMR applies Out-cell Technology

adding the touch sensors as a separate or discrete overlay atop the display in a laminated panel stack-up.

OEM applies In-cell Technology integrating the touch sensors directly into one or more layers in the display stack-up itself.

HO3 applies 3D In-cell Touch Technology combining the liquid crystal, touch sensing elements and 3D touch capacitive sensors into a
single structure.

The CMR using Out-cell Technology is thicker than OEM and HO3 due to the discrete touch sensor layer. The screen replacements with a thicker
stack-up always come with installation performance and function problems.

CMR: The discrete touch sensor layer makes touch feedback less accurate.

OEM: The aftermarket materials are not compatible with the original LCD resulting in the electrostatic field not functioning well. Furtherly,
it impedes the measurement of the capacitance changes. Eventually, the controller fails to acquire or misjudge the touch location to process
the touch.

HO3 3D In-Cell Touch LCD has superb touch performance. The thinner panel makes touch feedback more accurate and ensures outstanding response when
the screen is touched by fingers. And the selected raw materials and stringent quality management during production enhance the touch screen’s

3D Touch Not Working -
3D not.jpg 
When a press is detected, the capacitive 3D touch sensor layer measures microscopic changes in the distance between the backlight and the cover

glass. This information is then combined with accelerometer signals and touch sensors to provide an accurate interpretation of the user’s intentions.

For CMR screen, it will be harder to calibrate the touch point than the OEMs and HO3s with the LCD cell stuck in the touch sensor layer and 3D sensor
layer. When the bottom 3D capacitive sensor layer can’t detect the press, the 3D touch function fails.

HO3 3D In-Cell Touch reduces the thickness of the display panel by integrating the LCD, the touchscreen layer and the 3D capacitive sensor layer into
a single unit, rather than stacking the three layers on top of one another. As a result, it reduces the panel’s thickness and weight, featuring a
precise calibration of the touch point.

I don't know about this brand , this is mentioned on the forum , quality and color gamut I do not know ...
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