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Anyone an expert on Samsungs?  I have a A520F that is dead, I have tried jigging brand new genuine samsung screen and still nothing, if I charge it with my amp meter in line you can see it is charging but dead, I have seen a few Samsungs over the years where someone has removed the shielding so they must have known what they were doing, so do any of you know where I can start with this please.

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Charging but nothing on screen: if you have tested a new screen and new battery and it is clearly charging on your meter then a software issue is very likely. Connect it to your computer and see if it makes the connection sound. If it does then it is most likely software/firmware if you are lucky or then the bootloader is corrupted and its a much tougher job to repair that. 
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what current does it draw when charging? If you've got an old battery spare, cut the connector off of it and connect it to a PSU.
That will give you a better indication on what might be wrong.

Just because it's drawing current when it's plugged into a charger doesn't mean it's charging; there could be a short in the circuitry or an IC has failed causing it to draw current even though it's not getting through to the battery.
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I have the same problem.  I have removed the battery, removed the small black plastic end part of the battery (being careful not to damage the connector) where I discovered 2 gold dots underneath.  I have rigged these up to a battery charger and I'm hoping that may charge the battery.  Nothing is happening yet on the charger and the polarity may be the wrong way round but nothing is hot and nothing has exploded yet LOL.  I'm convinced it is a software problem and if I can just get the battery charged I can look at that.

The phone was only 3 months old.  It's my friends.  They would not repair it under warranty as there was a small chip in the screen,  When plugged into the charger there is no red light or sign of any life.  The phone has been totally dead for about 3 months.

(I'm not a professional I'm a very expereince tinkerer!)
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Update: The battery charged Whoop! I reassembled the phone but I still can't get it to charge via the USB C port.

I've factory reset from the menu
I've updated all the software
Blown canned air into the charger port
Cleared the USB cache and the USB data

Does anyone know anything else I can try?

I'm afraid soldering a new charger port socket to the mother board is not something I think I can do :-(

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