I replaced 6s screen/LCD 2 days ago. The customer has since complained that the Touch is freezing up and unresponsive. They all say the phone/screen is getting very hot when in use (not while on charge)

they are away for a few days now so I can not check it out my self. Does this sound like a issue with the new screen or could it be the logic board? 

The rest camera was also black when tested but I didn't have a spare to replace with at the time. 

The screen was severely smashed, they told by they had slammed it down on a table in a fit of rage!!

Due to this and the Camera not working I'm thinking some damage has been caused to the logic board, what do you knowledgeable people think?
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Andy @ ACE-Repairs
To the rear cam I would suggest a new camera will sort it, Ive had many a iphone in for rear cam after a good drop. 
Where is the screen from?
I have been having issues with 6S screens freezing however believe its the actual phone freezing, reason being my personal 6S is a year old (had from new & never been opened), mine freezes all the time and drives me crackers.  not been updated in ages either.
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Depends on the quality of the screen used, if it's a cheaper one rather than an original Apple LCD then I'd try another one in it. 
The rear camera may have popped up from the logic board so just check to see if it is connected properly. 
If the touch issue is down to logic board damage then it will need looking at by someone knowledgeable in small soldering.
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