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Other halfs brother has a 5c which recently has developed a fault with the baseband IC where the phone is constantly 'searching' for a signal, irrespective if there is a SIM in the handset or not. 

A recent factory restore also flagged this up when it stuck at 65% the way though and the ol' heat on the sim reader trick soon got it going again. Its been fine for the last couple of days but has gone back to its searching state. 

Anyone know of a fix for this issue, obviously I can't be opening up the phone all the time to warm the IC through and restore operation. 

Chris - Owner
MACH Computers Kent

T: 01622 236343
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Andy @ ACE-Repairs
For the cost of the 5C I would'nt bother in my oppinion.  If it is the baseband IC its not feasable to change it.  For what it costs for a 5C I would just back it up and find another main board for his phone or sell his as a Ipod and buy another phone. 
    Alternatively does your phone have any Imei info or modem firmware, if blank try reflowing the baseband IC.
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