• Nintendo Switch!

    Hi all, Just a quick one. We have a huge range of Switch parts in stock now, everything from the console parts, joy-con and TV dock parts. ...

    18 0

    Started by Steve

  • Membrane design PS4

    hi I bought a ps4 controller membrane jds-040, when fitting I noticed that there are 2 extra cutouts in the existing membrane that is not in the...

    0 0

    Started by WayneF

  • PS4 5-pin cable

    Hi! New to the forum and I'm hoping someone could help me out. I was in the process of cleaning the inside of my ps4 when I had trouble removing a...

    1 0

    Started by JimJelly

  • PS4 Not Recognising System Storage ce-34335-8

    Hi all, new guy here I've been tinkering about with consoles for as long as I can remember, having refurbished restored a number of PS3 PS4...

    2 0

    Started by Avalien

  • Ps4 laser

    Hi can anyone advise me which laser i need for my ps4 or demonstrate a way of identifying which i have in order for me to purchase a new one and...

    1 0

    Started by 007

  • Blu-Ray Drive Failure

    Hi, just wondered if anyone here had experienced issues with a standard PS4 Blu-Ray drive, the one I have will not accept discs, if I manually insert...

    0 0

    Started by ifitaintbrokedontfixit

  • Problem with PS4 controller membrane

    Hi, I've just received a new membrane (thanks for the quick delivery!), however there appears to be a problem with it. The controller is permanently...

    4 0

    Started by Froggy

  • ps vita backlight

    I recently purchased a ps vita screen for the slim 2000 version I thought i had a faulty screen but it turns out,that the backlight isnt working,...

    0 0

    Started by Nintendogamer12

  • PS4 Membrane Pads don't work

    Hi, Thanks for the prompt delivery on the parts I recently ordered! Regarding this item: ...

    3 0

    Started by elshiftos

  • PS4 Slim Hard Drive Caddy Plastic Clip Query

    Can anyone help me as I need to obtain two of these, I have enclosed two pictures to clarify if anyone can help me with my enquiry. Regards Gary ...

    0 0

    Started by 17so302ua

  • PS4 - CUH-1003A - Pulsing Blue Light?

    Hey all does anyone else on here dabble with PS4 console repairs? I have done a few now but I'm stumped on this current job. I have a PS4 which is...

    1 0

    Started by LukaUk

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