• Retrieving contacts

    My Samsung S3 mini has died and apparently cannot be repaired. Is there any way I can retrieve my contacts/messages/photos ? If I buy a new phone...

    2 0

    Started by Marian

  • samsung note 5

    Does anybody know anyone that repairs faulty logic board on Samsungs?

    2 0

    Started by refaxman

  • Parts request please

    Hi all bit of a strange request on a phone forum but I need a part for a computer if anyone has one lying about please. I need a a palmrest/kb for a...

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    Started by Uzaari

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Drain

    I change the battery twice in my device. It gave me the same result like the original battery. The phone stays on 3.5 - 4.5 hour and goes off. It has...

    1 0

    Started by art7

  • S9+ loudspeaker

    Hey, I have a booking to replace and S9+ loudspeaker but am unable to find a supplier in the UK, I just thought I'd check with you guys to see if you...

    1 0

    Started by Bpevreall1

  • Transparent Samsung S7!!

    hey guys! been wanting to make a clear backed phone for sometime now and I have finally done it! practically free mod to show off the awesome...

    4 0

    Started by Screen Savers!

  • S6 edge plus

    Does anyone know where I can buy a middle chasis for an s6 edge plus. I have a few parts that need changing on my phone, battery, camera, back glass,...

    5 0

    Started by misterlee

  • Samsung J5

    Whilst removing the LCD on my Samsung Galaxy J5, I found that the copper backing of the LCD was firmly adhered to the back plate in the centre and...

    0 0

    Started by Sierra44

  • trying to revive a samsung galaxy s6...

    I ordered a battery and a charging port replacement for my Samsung Galaxy S6, but after disassembly and then reassembly with the new parts. It is...

    2 0

    Started by indicolts

  • A520F dead, but charges

    Hi Guys, Anyone an expert on Samsungs? I have a A520F that is dead, I have tried jigging brand new genuine samsung screen and still nothing, if I...

    4 0

    Started by Andyd2020

  • Galaxy S5 touchscreen - failed zone

    Hi, I replaced the smashed touchscreen assembly on my Galaxy S5 (G900F) a few months back. Now I have an issue with a zone near the bottom of the...

    2 0

    Started by MattP79


    Does anyone know where the PMIC is located (power management IC Controller)? My battery dies from 70% to 26% overnight when turned off, new battery...

    1 0

    Started by Zeebob99

  • r Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SM-P600 P601 P605 - LCD Connection Flex Cable OEM

    My cable version number is 1405. Will this cable work? What is the significance of the number? There are lots of different ones available. Thanks

    0 0

    Started by Andrew1405

  • Are there any decent Galaxy S5 Replacement screens/digitisers out there ?

    I have tried repairing a few people's S5s with replacement screens of eBay from various manufacturers. These are about 30.00 each but they have the...

    1 0

    Started by b444

  • S6 Edge need to recover pictures

    Hi Guys, Need some advice, I have not really got involed with data recovery, but have a customer who is desperare to get pics from his S6 edge,...

    2 0

    Started by Andyd2020

  • Help with a galaxy tab 3 10.1 ot charging

    I have replaced the charging cable and the battery, yet the device refuses to charge from the adapter. The only way I can get any charge into it is...

    0 0

    Started by magixpaul

  • Samsung S6

    My Samsung is not powering up.......when it does come on it stays on the Samsung Logo.........on holiday it was fully charged, then turned its self...

    0 0

    Started by Arosa

  • Samsung screen prices more than Samsung's repair prices

    I have just been looking on the Samsung repair website and found their prices for screen repairs at a Samsung Experience Store. These stores (like...

    1 0

    Started by DotNet Media

  • samsung tab 4

    is it cheaper and easier to fit a new battery to a samsung 4 or buy a new tablet?

    1 0

    Started by Neil

  • iPhone 7 "non OEM" screens

    Hi Im looking for feedback from other repair technicians about these screens sold be Replace Base. Ive had intermittent fault issues from another...

    3 0

    Started by BrokenIT

  • Samsung Screen Replacment

    Anyone got any tips for making sure Samsung screens stick down properly. I find the top anfd bottom are find just the edges lift up. Thanks

    5 0

    Started by FBG

  • S3 handset

    I bought a new battery for my greatly used Samsung Galaxy 3 It went from almost fully charged to zero however it is still the same with the new...

    2 0

    Started by Anita

  • Samsung Galaxy s7 with screen problem

    Two weeks ago I replaced the screen on this samsung galaxy s7 for a customer and they have sent me a message today with a problem with the screen....

    5 0

    Started by Crea2k

  • Samsung Galaxy Neo S5: screen vs digitalizer replacement

    I have a cracked screen on my s5 Neo. When this previously happened with other phones it was easier and less risky to replace the whole digitalizer....

    2 0

    Started by amunizp

  • S6 charging port issue

    Received a charging port flex from Replace Base, it gives a "battery temp too low" error message and then stops charging. I have confirmed...

    1 0

    Started by BrokenIT

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