• Best Smartphone & Tablet testing for Trade In's etc

    Hi guys, Just curious do any of you know a reliable pieces of kit that you can plug a device into and it will test all hardware/software components...

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    Started by markmccarney

  • listed cheap repair tools are just that...and useless be warned

    https://www.replacebase.co.uk/nokia-samsung-lg-motorola-htc-blackberry-essential-tool-kit-torx-t2-t3-t5-t6-nylon-spudger/ if you are lucky...

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    Started by rick ryder

  • Bench Power Supply

    Looking for recommendations for a decent bench power supply for device testing. I'm wary of all the low priced tat you see on Amazon and eBay, what...

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    Started by DarrenG

  • Universal 3M 2mm x 50 Meter double sided bonding adhesive for phones, tablets and electronics

    i have a samsung galaxy j3 thats needing a new screen i want to know how this tape fairs in its task or would i be better with glue? Thanks in...

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    Started by skeps33

  • Network Unlocking

    Can anyone give me insight in to network unlocking phones ? who are you using ? costs ? Im Puzzled by why i can get it done cheaper at the local...

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    Started by ismarttrader

  • Desk light

    Hi Guys, I am after a better desk light, I currently use a desk light with flexi neck and single lamp, but I am looking for something ideally longer...

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    Started by Andyd2020

  • Hot Air Rework Station

    I'm in the need of a hot air rework station, mainly for opening up mobile devices. I've already got a soldering station so a stand alone hot air...

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    Started by MACH Computers

  • Current monitor

    Looking for a way to view current on phones tablets to check battery, charging booting. Preferably a way to use equipment I already have, such as...

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    Started by Total Computer Services

  • Screwdrivers, Tweezers...

    Hey guys, I'm in need of new screwdrivers including a tri-point set The one I have been using for the past year is one from Amazon and I'm mixing...

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    Started by Pc AntiX

  • Laptop LCD Recycling?

    Morning All Have started to add on laptop's LCD repairs to my services now and quite quickly bringing up a pile of cracked LCD's!! I can recycle all...

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    Started by sussexitech

  • Repair logging software

    Hi Guys, Looking for suggestion on a decent repair logging application, for phones and tablets? What do you currently use? costs? etc Thanks in...

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    Started by Andyd2020

  • Camera lens cleaning??

    Hi Guys, I get quite a few Samsungs and other brands with smashed rear camera lens, I have no problem removing the bits of glass that are left but...

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    Started by Andyd2020

  • Android camera issues - a quick fix (usually)

    Hi all, Just a quick one that comes up all the time, usually when replacing a camera module on any Android devise. After replacing a camera its...

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    Started by Steve

  • Data recovery

    I'm looking for a way to recover data from a Samsung S6 with a smashed screen. Customer wants the data but doesn't want the screen fixed. Iv been...

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    Started by FBG

  • Water (any other horrible liquid damage) repairs

    Hi All, We have a few people ask us about water damage repairs, i just wanted to share a few tips and let everyone know how we go about water...

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    Started by Steve

  • New tool from Dottorpod

    Hi Guys, Got a new tool in called the iPlastix, really great tool just like the iFlex but made form a plastic material so no scratches on the...

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    Started by Steve

  • Thermal paste for mobile phones

    What thermal paste can i use for mobile phones? Can i use the same that i use on Laptops?

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    Started by eniac22

  • Microscope

    Hi Wondered if anyone had an old/unused/unloved Microscope kicking around they's like a few quid for that's maybe taking up too much space...

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    Started by Mend My iPhone

  • Decent corner repair tools - Better than G-Tool

    Hi Replacebase, Any chance of you guys using your buying power to start importing these bad boys? https://www.pliertek.com Loads better than...

    38 2

    Started by iPhone Repair Guy Tiverton

  • Inexpensive hot air/soldering station

    Hi all. Just wondering which hot air/soldering station I should buy especially when my budget is low. I am a level 3 beginner. Any suggestion or help...

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    Started by irepairs

  • Tricky screws

    Ever inside a phone and have screws that you driver isn't picking up? gently rub the screwdrivers tip on the back of the phones earpiece to give it a...

    2 3

    Started by Steve

  • Who wants to play "Name That Driver?"

    OK guys, got some new drivers kits for the iPhone 7/7p - it has a driver that we just cant find the name for! Any ideas guys and gals? Heads...

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    Started by Steve

  • iCloud Unlocking

    I have genuine requests each week from clients who need to iCloud unlock a device they've been given by a family member or that they've just plain...

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    Started by Mend My iPhone

  • Warranty Assurances

    I'm interested in what ideas people have for making sure customers don't falsely claim for warranty issues. This last couple of weeks i've had a...

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    Started by Mend My iPhone

  • gTool!

    Hi all! Today we have introduced a range of gTool products - they are pretty amazing, we have been having a great time playing with all today! Any...

    2 0

    Started by Steve

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