• Be aware - Copycat on eBay.

    Hi all, Thanks to Dean @ Circuit DK A rouge has been spotted, looking at the logo and the way its used you can clearly see they are targeting our...

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    Started by Steve

  • Next day delivery

    What time is the latest I can order for next day delivery please ?

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    Started by Seasider

  • Repair training

    Not sure if is the right place for this post but I've been in the PC laptop repairs for over 10 years and replacing a few screens on some iPhones...

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    Started by Barrett

  • Motherboard Repair Technician

    Hi Guys, We are currently looking at employing a motherboard repair technician specifically for smartphones with laptops and tablets repairs being...

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    Started by Gadget Rehab

  • What moble system do you use?

    OK, time to start an argument Personally I use iOS but I do also / have also used Windows mobile 10 (950XL) and it was a great phone - just alack...

    11 0

    Started by Steve

  • What do you want to see?

    Hi Guys, We will soon be having a large purchasing push and looking for any suggestions for parts / models we maybe overlooking. Ir you ever need...

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    Started by Steve

  • Pc Software for iOS and Android

    Hey guys Just wondered what software you use for your iOS and Android needs. I've got 3uTools but looking for something similar for Android.

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    Started by Pc AntiX

  • Fake iSesamos - watch out!

    Hi Guys, We have been talking to the guys at DottorPodX and it seems fake iSesamos are a big problem at the moment, especially form Chinese Sellers...

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    Started by Steve

  • .


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    Started by iPhone Repair Guy Tiverton

  • Training of me

    I'm keen to learn the dark art of soldering/micro soldering and IC chip test/repair. At the moment if diagnostics are beyond my comprehension -...

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    Started by Mend My iPhone

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