• Ipad Air 2 Digitizer Replacement

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if i could change the digitizer without adding the glue between the display and the glass like it is supposed to be ? i...

    6 0

    Started by Itwasmee

  • Condensation???

    Hi all. Anyone experience the problem shown in picture? Thinking it might be condensation. It's under digitiser not under protective film.

    5 0

    Started by Total Computer Services

  • iPad Pro 12.9" screen repair

    Hi, i have a iPad Pro 12.9" screen repair coming up soon, and were wondering i any of you have some "hacks" when doing this? - i have...

    13 0

    Started by TelefonSpecialisten

  • iPad 4 Digitizer Issue on Screen Replacement

    I have just replaced an iPad 4 screen and when I tested prior to final glue down and removal of film and I found that the digitizer has two bands...

    1 0

    Started by sashdo

  • iPad Air, pings when charging

    I have an iPad Air that charges ok from the mains, but when it is plugged into a laptop for iTunes it pings. It seems to start charging, then stop...

    3 0

    Started by RobertHall

  • ipad mini 4 home button assembly install.

    Hi all , im having a bit of trouble with getting the home button assembly back on a new screen of this ipad mini 4 i have here . I fitted a new...

    2 0

    Started by moss99

  • Ipad air 2 no backlight

    Good evening, i have an ipad air 2 that was dropped on the corner and dented in around the power button. the button was jammed on and left for some...

    2 0

    Started by scott2326

  • iPad Repair

    i've only just added this to my aresenal of iPad repair tools. Borrowed off my partner, its idea for removing flakes of glass and dust off...

    3 0

    Started by Mend My iPhone

  • Ipad air in Continuous boot loop

    I replaced the screen on a customers ipad air 1, (done hundreds without issue). After the repair the ipad is in a constant boot loop and flashes a...

    1 0

    Started by Daiphone

  • Ipad mini 2 no touch but home works

    Got an RB oem digitizer to replace a smashed one on ipad mini 2. Prior to removal smashed digi did work enough to slide to power off. Got digi off...

    7 0

    Started by Bootlegger

  • iPad Air A1474 charging issues

    Hi Guys, Been given an iPad Air by a customer fully restored that has charging issues it will display the connect to charger images as normal, I...

    4 0

    Started by Andyd2020

  • iPad Air 2 Backlight

    I've got an iPad Air2 in at the moment for a routine LCD replacement however after fitting the replacement part to the device I have got absolutely...

    3 0

    Started by MACH Computers

  • iPad Air boot loop

    I replaced a smashed digitizer on an iPad Air wi-fi only, decided to update iOS to 11.2 through iTunes, iPad now stuck in boot loop; iTunes said...

    2 0

    Started by stringman

  • Ipad mini 2 not charing

    I've had ipad mini 2 since they were release, previously broken the front glass but still working without issue for year or more after that but...

    4 0

    Started by GordonS

  • iPad mini 4 replacement housing

    Can any one point me in the direction of a uk seller of housings for the ipad mini 4 please? Thanks Adam

    0 0

    Started by scott2326

  • iPad Air vs iPad 2017

    Hi all Just wanted to clarify a few things about the new iPad Apple (thanks Apple!) have made this a little tricky with naming. previously most...

    7 0

    Started by Steve

  • iPad Mini 4th gen with lock/unlock issue

    Hi all I have received an iPad Mini back that I repaired 2 months ago. All has been fine with it during this time. Now out of the blue, the lock...

    8 0

    Started by PC Clinic Ashby

  • IPAD air 2 - no wifi

    The wifi is greyed out and cannot be turned on, is this the wifi logic board or the antena?

    6 0

    Started by ruffmeister

  • iPad Mini Dead Area Screen

    Bit of a long story this one so bear with me. I replaced a screen on a iPad mini for a customer about 6 months ago and sold her a otter box case. Get...

    15 0

    Started by FBG

  • iPad 2 with text showing green instead of black

    Hi, A family member's friend has dropped off an iPad 2 his wife was using and I believe it has been dropped, but not heavily as the damage is...

    5 0

    Started by infiniti25

  • iPad mini 2 Power button issue

    Iv'e recently replaced and ipad mini digitiser. Not the first time, probably near the 100th mark. Any way now the Power button is not responding to...

    2 0

    Started by scott2326

  • iPad mini 2 weird display issue

    iPad mini 2 in for new digitiser. On re-assembly and test I have this weird display issue. I'm very careful when removing the LCD and about...

    11 0

    Started by DarrenG

  • iPad 4th Gen LCD FPC Repair

    Hi all, is there anyone here set-up for micro soldering repairs who can replace the LCD FPC on an iPad 4th Gen for me?

    2 0

    Started by DarrenG

  • Dead iPad Air after screen replacement

    Any ideas? I have replaced the glass part of the screen (twice as thought the first could have been duff) and the pad is just dead as a dodo, no...

    19 0

    Started by Burti

  • Logic board needed

    I am after a dead logic board, needs to be from an Ipad air 2 (6th gen) or Ipad mini 2 upwards. If you can help please PM me. Alternatively if...

    4 0

    Started by TheMicroGuys

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