• Catastrophic iPhone 7 failure

    So my iPhone 7 is still working but with very few features (I am using it to write this so safari and my 4g connection still work). The story begins...

    1 0

    Started by Clarkey

  • iPhone x on-off button

    hi! anybody knows how to fit an on off button, i put all the parts back but it doesn’t click and no clue why

    9 0

    Started by Benicsalad

  • iPhone 7 Plus Repair Question...

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus which requires a new front camera as the phone’s proximity sensor does not work. The front camera’s microphone also...

    4 0

    Started by sc241995

  • iPhone 8 new Replacement Button

    Hi Guys Been trying out this new replacement home button that connects via bluetooth! not having much luck pairing it Had anyone else experienced...

    2 0

    Started by sussexitech

  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus home button mod! Restore the button function.

    OK, so all in the industry will already know this but changing the home button on and Touch ID enabled Apple device prevents Touch ID from working,...

    22 0

    Started by Steve

  • iPhone 4 battery replacement

    just looking for advice on replacement battery for my old iPhone 4 (which I still use for podcasts etc, not as a phone) would I be best getting the...

    2 0

    Started by Grahamgoo

  • iPhone 7 Screen Lock Up

    I replaced my daughters screen with a complete OEM variant and the touch on the screen intermittently locks up, may daughter has worked out if she...

    2 0

    Started by neilgardner

  • XR face Id issue

    I've replaced countless ix screens, oem and non oem and not had any face id issues. Today with an XR it will only allow me to set up the face id...

    2 0

    Started by scott2326

  • iPhone 6 touch screen intermittent

    Hi all, My iPhone 6 touch screen stops working when I put it in a hard case. It works perfectly when not in the case. How do I fix this please? I...

    5 0

    Started by BriG1

  • IPHONE X display lines after iOS update?

    Hi, an iPhone X was brought to me requiring a new screen the display was completely black no life in it whatsoever, the customer opted for a cheaper...

    4 0

    Started by Bpevreall1

  • Iphone X Water damage no audio/ restarting board issue?

    Hi all, I have an iPhone X that was water damaged, all non-working components have been replaced but now the phone has no audio, the speakers where...

    0 0

    Started by Bpevreall1

  • Battery tester!

    Hi all, Just wanted to pop a quick note on here as a few people have been asking! we now have battery testers in stock! they are great to test the...

    8 0

    Started by Steve

  • Faulty parts,

    Has anyone else suddenly had a spike in faulty parts? we have been purchasing from here for a few years now with only the occasional faulty part....

    3 1

    Started by Chuxsta

  • iPhone 7 no ringtone

    Hi, I have a very strange fault with my iPhone 7 in that when I receive an incoming call my phone does not ring or vibrate. Just to clarify...it is...

    4 0

    Started by BriG1

  • iPhone 7 home button

    Hi all, Does anyone know of someone who can pair a new home button with the iPhone 7 motherboard yet? Thanks, Brian

    2 0

    Started by BriG1

  • iPhone 6 Touch ID

    hi all Ive just changed a Screen on an IPhone 6 and have transferred across the original home button, all working fine except it now says ‘unable...

    3 0

    Started by Steve15640

  • iPhone 6s screen advice?

    Hi all, new here so go easy with me! Put my 6s down while out walking/fishing and it started sliding off a rock. When I grabbed it quickly I think I...

    2 0

    Started by Daniel

  • Iphone 6 Plus - Screen Issue

    Hi All After some advice, I have an Iphone 6 plus which has a problem with the screen. The screen works fine all of the while except when making or...

    2 0

    Started by Steve15640

  • iPhone 7 - stuck on Apple logo - intermittent

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had the following fault and if you could give me any ideas of how I could sort the problem. Apologies for the long...

    7 0

    Started by jonc

  • custom iPhone colours

    SORRY FOR THE LOOONG STORY!! anybody else get requests for different coloured or themed iPhones ? I have done a few housing swaps to various...

    0 0

    Started by Screen Savers!

  • SE home button flex replace or not?

    hi, I replaced the battery in my iPhone SE and in the process managed to damage the home button flex (I know, I know...). Now the button is...

    1 0

    Started by Ian Moffett

  • phone get hot under back camera

    I did a battery replacement for iphone 6 plus so i remove the screen and put the new battery in then put all back together. After that no problem...

    5 0

    Started by ngkevi94

  • Replacement batteries after 11.4.1

    Hi all After the latest IOS update 11.4.1 i am having some troubles with battery replacements. After replacing OEM batteries with replacement...

    1 0

    Started by Drone

  • iPhone 6s reception issues after changing charging dock assembly

    Hello there, I recently changed the lightning port assembly of my iPhone 6s over charging issues, i ordered the OEM Part from the thereplacebase...

    5 0

    Started by macminitosh

  • IPhone 7 microphone problems

    Hi, When I open the voice recording app on my iPhone 7 the record button is greyed out and also on the video function of the camera. I have changed...

    2 0

    Started by BriG1

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