• FX5 A New Standard Of Aftermarket

    Wondering how people are getting on with/ feel about the new FX5 screens? We are very excited to start selling these new high quality screen...

    1 0

    Started by Luke

  • iPhone 7 home button repairs

    hello can someone help ! Can someone fix iPhone 7 ans 7 plus theyre the original button but don’t work one is ripped and the other can’t see...

    1 0

    Started by NinjaRepairs

  • Damage on Arrival policy.

    Hi there, The title says it all, I couldn't find anything in the terms and conditions on this matter. I am wanting to know what...

    1 0

    Started by Chuxsta

  • Oversensitive Home button

    I am looking at an iPhone 7 plus with an oversensitive Home button. It's so sensitive it thinks I'm double clicking and Touch ID cannot be set up....

    4 0

    Started by John Huggins

  • Broken parts

    Good day, Quick question for you all, when you replace a broken screen on an iPhone or other such device what do you do with said screen, do you...

    0 0

    Started by iTechRepairServicesLimited

  • iPhone 7 original screens?

    Hi Guys, I have a customer who is not happy with the brightness of the iPhone 7 screen I have fitted to her phone as her friends has not been...

    1 0

    Started by Andyd2020

  • Iphone lcd supplier

    Has anyone used dbx in china for iphone/ipad parts. Their prices seem reasonable but would like to know what the quality is like? or can anyone...

    1 0

    Started by Wavemobile

  • iPhone 6s battery hungry

    Hi all, I have a 6s which is rather hard on the batteries. If I charge it to 100% before going to bed and then put it in aeroplane mode + do not...

    2 0

    Started by BriG1

  • Ipad air new digitiser issues two vertical stripes

    Need your help guys. I had a cracked screen on my first generation iPad air ( perfect working order apart from crack) removed it without issue,...

    2 0

    Started by Morts

  • iPhone 6s charging issue

    My iPhone 6s keeps bonging when I plug it into the charger or my Mac. It does it every second or less repeatedly. I have changed the charging port...

    3 0

    Started by BriG1

  • iPhone 6 problem

    i put a new iphone6 button in and the phone turned off when i disconnected it turned back on then the phone turned off and black screen not...

    1 0

    Started by NinjaRepairs

  • Trade purchasing

    hi everyone, my names Sam I refurbish iPhones from my tiny unit. I'm purchasing my phones from one supplier but find their stock is limited to around...

    0 0

    Started by Samh93

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